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Common Errors Made By Microsoft Word Users

Microsoft Word is a very common application used for creating documents. It gives access to a number of tools that you can give a creative look to your word document. However, it is important to have knowledge of each and every tool of MS-Word in order to make the best of it. Also, incomplete knowledge of Microsoft Word will allow its users to make a number of errors while using the application. Our MS Word experts are available at Microsoft Tech Support Number to give you detailed information about Microsoft Word and Its various tools.


Following are the common errors frequently made by Microsoft Word users and the ways to correct them:


  1. While creating a word document many users have the habit of using the Return key to make space at the beginning of the document which is not correct. The correct way of doing this is to change the top margin. Change the margins in Word 2007 by clicking on Margins then Custom Margins in the Page Layout tab. For previous versions of Word, choose Page Setup from the File menu.


  1. Another common error made by Word users is leaving two spaces after the period which ends each sentence is. However, one space is fine with modern typefaces since they are proportionally spaced. The two space habit is a throwback to the days when people were using typewriters.


  1. Next, the error is pressing the Return key two times to indicate the end of a paragraph. The Return key should be pressed just once using the paragraph spacing commands by clicking on the Page Layout tab in Word 2007 or by clicking on Format then Paragraph in Word 2003.


  1. Sometimes users also get confused while using Tab key if they have never attended any Microsoft Word training courses. They tend to use the space bar to align elements on the page. This creates an error when the document is printed, the columns do not align properly. Here, you should use the Tab key instead of the space bar.


  1. A lot of users have the habit of aligning their columns by pressing the tab key repeatedly to move to the closest default tab. This result in inconsistency in the number of tab characters between columns and it is advisable to click on the Word ruler to set up your own tabs where you need them.


  1. Some Word users are so habitual to use the Format Painter that they use it to maintain consistency of formatting of a multi-page document. You can use Microsoft Word's styles for the consistency of your text formats. By using styles you can change the attributes associated with a style anytime.


  1. There are a number of AutoCorrect options available in Word that can be confused for new users and who do not know how to switch off. To use Word's AutoCorrect and other settings properly, choose Options from the Tools menu or choose Word Options from the Office button in Word 2007.


These were the common errors made by the Microsoft Word users and can be easily addressed by applying the appropriate tips. For more information about Microsoft Word and its functions, you can also call the Microsoft Customer Support Number .

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